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Happy Belated 4th of July everyone!! I hope you enjoyed a parade or some fireworks or maybe just stayed home. Whatever works for you family, I hope that you were able to celebrate the freedoms we have.

Wow this has been a crazy summer it seems like it has just started and yet we are at the half way point! OMG! Are your kiddos in camps? Are you getting your much needed break as well? Last month, I said I would talk about safety and how to help our kiddos stay safe.

Well, we had something happen that has brought safety to the foreground for us. My husband and I were off on a few days of respite. YES! One son was at camp and the other was at home with staff. Everything was scheduled and set in place. We knew who was taking which shift, what he needed for lunches, and when he would be home from day camp. All those little things that moms worry about each day! The one thing I didn’t take into consideration was transportation to and from the day camp. Course, why would I worry, that was all set up and had been fine the week before. My staff did a great job getting him to camp in the morning, when the van didn’t show! I did my diligence to set up a ride home for him, making sure to let the transportation company know that my staff would NOT be there until 4pm. So we thought all was good to go. Nope. The transportation company picked up my son early… not a couple minutes… 54 minutes early. What? Long story short… the company left our son on the door step without making sure he got in the house.

So… after dealing with all that, and letting the company know how we felt about their carelessness, it was back to “respite”. It was hard to relax back into a ‘no worries’ state, when all we could think about was how our son was doing. After many tears and many calls, we got everyone settled down and taken care of. BUT it sure made us think about what we need to have in place.

I am currently in the process of researching and ordering a gizmo watch. I’m hoping he will keep it on. Since this is for safety we will have to work on not having it be optional. I read many of the reviews. Some are good and others not, but as with anything each person will have to decide what works for them. My son is chronologically 18 but cognitively I would say 7-9. He doesn’t have an interest in phones or how to use them. This is at least something I can start with and hopefully help him learn how to be safe. Copy the link or press ctrl and click the link below to check it out.

We are also going to be getting some sort of “Ring” type system installed. If we would have had that already it would have at least allowed us to talk to him and let him know we were there and were getting help. Instead he said “I called for help mom, but no one came!” That was a real guilt starter! Again, still researching which system is best, but come next month we will have it installed!



Tune in next month for tips on summertime blues and sources for good information.

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