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December is here and many of us are hustling and bustling to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. Add to that the overwhelming stress of dealing with your parents who are aging. Don’t forget about your family member or members who have autism. And what about some time to just sit and sip on some hot cocoa? Squish that all together AND there you have it, a day in the life of me!

Well, since Christmas is almost 2 weeks away, let’s talk about stuff. Specifically, the ART of having too much stuff. Yep. I’m finding myself in that category, although many people fit into this group. Some even clear out space for the new stuff they get in December. Or pay to store their “stuff”. In the last 9 months, I have organized or assisted in organizing the downsizing of 2 homes. My parent’s home of 52 years and my mother in laws house of 40+ years. “Stuff” is putting it lightly. I honestly didn’t know much about the companies that are out there – those that help you clear out your “stuff” vs. those that just take your “stuff” away. But now it seems I’m almost an expert.

In clearing their houses, I’ve had many thoughts about my own home. What will happen when we have to move to a smaller place? We can’t leave this job to our kids. Having been in this situation, it was extremely difficult. Besides both my boys have autism. So in thinking of all of the things in those houses, I started reading “The life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. It’s a good book and it got me thinking about what I buy and why I hold onto the items I have in my home. I’ve always kept things, toys mostly because I wanted my son to be able to have things to play with that he enjoyed. Most of the time after a trip to Savers or Goodwill I would come home with a game that I’m sure he would enjoy. BUT we now have almost a whole closet full of games and things to do. There may have been interest in it at one time but many don’t get played with. So… as Marie Kondo asks… Does it bring me joy? If not? Thank it for the purpose it did serve at the time and move on! Eliminate the clutter and eliminate the stress and anxiety! Here! Here! And that is my goal for 2020. We will see if it really comes true!

As always, here are a few links to the subjects I talked about in this month’s Islander.

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Tune in next month for resolutions and new beginnings!

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