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Happy New Year to all! Have you made your new year’s resolutions? Or do you pick a word to live by for the year? I don’t really do either, but according to my December Islander, sounds like I made one for decluttering! So… I guess I’m going to stick to that one.

Decluttering… hmmm… I have been working on my paper “stack”. Trying to organize it, not just our stuff, but my dad’s too. It’s hard when you have a pile of papers looking at you or you are in the groove and then you get interrupted. Life just jumps into the middle of your plans. That really throws me for a loop. I was on a roll and something happens so next time I sit down to look at that pile… I have to start over because I have no idea what sort of plan I had going.

That’s where I am today. I sat back down to look at my dad’s paper stuff and wow! Where was I? I feel like I’m going to have to start back a few months to figure out what the heck was going on! That is because life jumped in and we ended up “decluttering” an area of my son’s life. His WISDOM TEETH! OMG!!!

Let me just say… I love Children’s Hospitals! Being he is 18, they still allowed him to be treated there. THANK GOODNESS! We had been to this center in Minnetonka before, about 10 years ago. He had 8 teeth pulled at that time. So, we were somewhat familiar with the scene, and what would happen. I’m so glad I had the thought to take pictures back then. Those pictures allowed for my son to have more control over his feelings of anxiety and made the whole experience much better. He shared them with everyone. Even our dental team was impressed with our preparations. Our original dentist didn’t pull wisdom teeth. So she helped us research a dentist that works with kids on the spectrum and he was wonderful! It did mean working with Health Partners SNBC, instead of straight MA. But for us… it was worth the trouble. We were prepared for whining and hysterics, but he was fine for the beginning days. Then he was lucky enough to get a cold and dry socket, so that has been a little tough. But he is so excited to share his teeth with whoever wants to look! ALL FIVE!
It is nice to know that when it feels like life is too hard and we are struggling to see our way, the little things that we do, definitely have an impact on our kid’s lives. I never thought that he would be interested in those past pictures. Who knew! He even asked if I had current ones. I felt a slight disappointment when I said I didn’t. But to know that something I did and had kept, made such an impact! It makes a moms day!!!

As always, here are a few links to the subjects I talked about in this month’s Islander.

Hospital where teeth were pulled – awesome staff and truly understood autism and our needs. Make sure to talk with the Child Life Specialist.

Center where our physician was located. Again, he had a calm and quiet understanding of what was needed.

Dentist we had for about 12 years…. Love, love, love them. They do not take patients after they turn 18. But work with many kiddos on the spectrum.

Social Story for dental visits. Or see pinterest for other ideas.

Tune in next month for getting your kids involved in clubs or after school activities.

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