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The Islander S.O.S. Vol. 7 – November 2019

November is here! Where did 2019 go? We’ve already had one family gathering and it was NOT the best we’ve ever had. How do you deal with the sensory challenges? It’s too loud! It’s too hot! It’s too squishy at this table! It’s too bright! I don’t like those kinds of...

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The Islander S.O.S. Vol. 6 – October 2019

Can you believe that it is already October?  It seems like the school year just started yesterday.  But yet, in a few weeks, we will be seeing a break for MEA.  Although… I just learned recently that MEA is just for Minnesota?  Needless to say… MEA means at least 2...

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The Islander S.O.S. Vol. 5 – September 2019

I can NOT believe…. That I have the next 4 hours to myself!!! Hmmm… what to do, what to do…. Now that school has officially started in our neck of the woods, it is amazing all the projects that need to get done. It’s like one part of me wants to jump in and do them...

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The Islander S.O.S. Vol. 4 – August 2019

I read something the other day about summertime blues. Beating the summertime blues Published on June 18, 2019 Start and Tribune variety section. Yes I know… I’m a couple months behind! (Thanks to my mother in law for the clipping!)  Anxiety in the summer for kids.  I...

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The Islander S.O.S. Vol. 3 – July 2019

Happy Belated 4th of July everyone!! I hope you enjoyed a parade or some fireworks or maybe just stayed home. Whatever works for you family, I hope that you were able to celebrate the freedoms we have. Wow this has been a crazy summer it seems like it has just started...

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The Islander S.O.S. Vol. 2 – June 2019

Did anyone else wait until the LAST minute to register their kiddos for activities for the summer?  I even had someone reminding me! And I still didn’t get my son into the camps I wanted. (Wait - were they for me or him?)   Sigh… next year watch out, I am going to be...

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