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Welcome to the Islander!  The first weekend of March we were at the Steps for Autism walk at the Southdale center in Edina, MN. All profits went to help the Autism Society of MN. We talked with many people about AUTISM SOS and what services I offer.  It was amazing the stories we heard both good and bad. So if you are one of those people… Welcome – we are glad you are here!

Even though it’s March, I’m thinking about summer!  Summer vacations, lazy summer days, summer lemonade, summer sunshine, picnics, grilling…  HOLD ON!!!  (Insert – brakes grinding to a halt here)  I got caught up in my own idea of what summer is… I forgot that I need to plan my boy’s summer schedules!  Sigh… well last summer, I waited too long and my oldest was only able to attend 1 camp. My second son was lucky enough to get both his choices.  Well… lucky for us that is!  He had different ideas.  This year I got right on it and signed my oldest up for 3 camps!  All registered…and locked in.  Now my second is on the waiting list. It never fails. We can plan and plan and somethings always get forgotten or left out.

So… in an effort to assist those just starting to think of summer plans for your loved one, check out a few of these organizations. See if they might have some of the activities that you are looking for.  It you need help … give me a call, I have several others as well!






I also found a book that helps out with travel suggestions for loved ones with special needs.


Tune in next month for information regarding transition – what’s after high school?

As always… give me a call if you have questions about my services or have resources you think would benefit others!

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Happy Sloshing!