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Did anyone else wait until the LAST minute to register their kiddos for activities for the summer?  I even had someone reminding me! And I still didn’t get my son into the camps I wanted. (Wait – were they for me or him?)   Sigh… next year watch out, I am going to be the first one in line. Well, Summer is almost here. Everyone – teachers included- are counting down the days… and I’m already feeling it.  The summer stress of what to do with my kids!  Between scheduling their activities and making sure I get some of the relaxing time I definitely need, I’m worn out!  I keep saying… after this approval, after that appointment, after this weekend it will calm down.  I’ve heard it many times how you can’t keep wishing your time away… waiting for things to fall into place.  You need to make the time.  Take one day at a time. Depression is living in the past, Anxiety is living in the future, living for today is a gift that is why it is called the Present! 

So… I am trying.  Well, as Yoda says… ‘Do or do not! There is no try!’  I am going to start scheduling time for me.  I’ve found a good book and I spent some time yesterday siting in our hammock swing in the front yard reading.  Well, ok… reading and sleeping.  Hey… it’s my time right? I can do what I want with it! After attending the graduation of my oldest son Thursday night… I’m exhausted! I need to get back to living on MY peaceful island. What do they say?  If you fall off the inner tube, get right back up and continue on? Sounds good to me!

As promised, I found some activities for teens this summer.  Did anyone see the MN Parenting Magazine issue for March 2019?  There were several good finds in there.

Bridge the gap summer camp.  Programs are from 3rd grade thru 12th grade.  They were at the AUSM convention actually.  I grabbed some of their literature thinking that might be good for my kiddo.  Their tag line says ‘Through engaging activities, we help students avoid learning loss and bridge the summer gap.’ For more information contact: Kaitlin Walsh at kaitlin.walsh@aowl.org or Copy the link or press ctrl and click the link below to check it out.


Another place that has very cool day camps is The Works Museum.  They have robotics, building, coding, LEGO engineering, and many other fun things.  My boys particularly liked the long marble run that they have which used to travel throughout several rooms. They have camps for ages 5 thru 13.  And it seems they have a father’s day special for dads and grandpas! They get in free!


And also remember to check out Pacer.  They have a Tech for Girls Club on Saturdays, for girls with disabilities ages 11-18. 

Next one -Tech for Girls Club : Koding with Kodu June 8, 2019 10am- 11:30am


Tune in next month for tips on how to keep our kiddos safe.

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