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I read something the other day about summertime blues. Beating the summertime blues Published on June 18, 2019 Start and Tribune variety section. Yes I know… I’m a couple months behind! (Thanks to my mother in law for the clipping!) 

Anxiety in the summer for kids.  I never really thought about it.  Yes both my kiddos have anxiety –but why would it escalate during the summer?  The article talked about the lack of structure. Hmm… Hello! Big one in my house.  Mom and dad are pooped and just wish the kids could understand we don’t have to be doing something every minute.  BUT that is what society is teaching us –including me.  Quiet time? What is that? No screen time? What? You are joking right? It talked about parents thinking they are allowing the kids to relax and chill, because summer is summer right? Relaxing, having fun, no worries, camps, vacations.  BUT when there is that sudden lack of structure the mind can get lost.  It’s amazing how much better kids AND adults do with structure.  I found that out myself, in being the main caregiver for my dad who was recently diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer’s. We all need structure. 

The article also talked about what that anxiety and lack of structure might look like.  Well, when my kids get anxious, there is usually biting of nails, pacing, and repetition.  But what one child does and feels can be totally different from another.  What about the isolation, the irritability, headaches.  Okay – teens and irritability! How do you tell the difference between anxiety and just regular teenager syndrome?  Who knows, but it is interesting when you think about all the different ways they show additional anxiety.  It talked about kids who are really super scheduled during the school year and haven’t had the time to decompress from that time. Those kiddos might be the ones who show extra irritability.  In trying to help parents, it was suggested to not make huge changes but just tweaking the schedule a little and how that may help.  I know my son is really affected by changes in his sleep schedule.  Well, when you are at camp, you do as the crowd does, and boy has he been tired and less himself. 

Talking about anxiety in the summer, led me to another article and author I found interesting.  Annette Nunez, PhD, is the founder and director of Break-through Interventions, LLC and Breaking through Autism. She talked about how there are so many different things to do, that the choices themselves are overwhelming.  She has broken down ideas into 5 categories, based on the most popular ones her clients have enjoyed.  Check out her website for more information.


I don’t know about you, but I get overwhelmed with all the data, books, ads and websites that are out there.  One place that may help you pinpoint a resource is our local Autism Society.  They have a listing of resources that have been recommended by users.  Check it out the next time you are looking for something.


 Tune in next month for tips on heading back to school.

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