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I can NOT believe…. That I have the next 4 hours to myself!!! Hmmm… what to do, what to do…. Now that school has officially started in our neck of the woods, it is amazing all the projects that need to get done. It’s like one part of me wants to jump in and do them all TODAY! But the other part of me says… ‘Hey, how about some down time just for you.’ While a third part says… ‘Let’s do some work this morning AND relax this afternoon!’ I like it!

So with the kiddos off to school, I found a few tidbits that I wish I had known earlier in my kid’s school careers. One talked about Occupational Therapy or OT. I don’t know about you, but I always thought OT was just for fine motor things, like writing, how to hold a pencil or texture issues. Don’t get me wrong, my kids went to OT, but I wonder if we were focusing on the right things? The article talked about learning how to deal with the challenges of life and learning items in such a way that the individual might be able to better adapt to the daily struggles of noise and feelings of being overwhelmed. The fact that we might be able to train the nervous system to handle these certain stressors is a great thing. I wish I could help my 3 learn how to function in the face of those stressors, I wonder if it would work for teens and adults?
Another item was about letting the teachers know how our kiddos function in a loud and noisy classroom. I’m not saying it is the teacher’s responsibility to respond correctly to each student every time, but it had some interesting items that hit home for me as a former educator. We want the teachers to know how our child works and understand them, give them the time, energy and the acceptance that every child deserves. But it can be difficult. A friend of mine would give their son’s new teacher a book each year, talking about autism. Others take a book and read it to the new classmates in the hopes of gaining their acceptance. School and life in general can be rough at any time; especially if you are perceived as being different from everyone else. So I raise my glass of water in honor to all the students, teachers, paraprofessionals, and parents out there, Good job! Keep up the hard work! All this leads to acceptance, which is our ultimate goal!

Below is the link to students telling their teachers what they need. I thought it was very powerful.

Attached here is the video regarding OT and the benefits of kids engaging in more OT.

I’ve also included a link to angel senses website, as they are having an incredible discount available thru the end of this month.

Tune in next month for tips on school breaks, and what to do during the lack of structure.

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